Cinnamara College Publication –An Introduction

Cinnamara College was established on Ist June in 1991 at the centre of three mouzas –Katoni, Garamur and Charaibahi covers a large part of Southern Jorhat District of Assam. Previously, this vast area was economically backward, but historically, culturally, socially and particularly in the field of literature was far advanced in the pre and post independence period. But turning the last four decades of 20th century, the pursuit of knowledge and the literary activities began to dwindle. Cinnamara College, is a centre of higher education from higher secondary onwards to post graduate level. The college has laid emphasis on social science research for which Mohan Chandra Mahanta Adhyanan Gobesona Kendra has been already set up. The college has laid emphasis on imparting quality education; simultaneously it has also tried its level best to create a strong root of literary activities in the vast area of historic South Jorhat. The college has published a large number of books since its inception. Gradually, ou College develop it as Cinnamara College publication which was formally established in 2009. In fact, our academic and literary programme is designed to embrace the diversity, to encourage individuality and to support students attempting high risk education. So our green, a little Santiniketon like campus is international cross roads, where renowned Educationists, Scientists, Social Scientists and Social Workers come to speak and share new ideas with us. And our College publication located in the historic region of Jorhat District offers unlimited variety for intellectual, cultural and culinary stimulation. It is worth mentioning here that dynamism, unending urge for innovation and an infinite curiosity to explore the new horizons of knowledge are the cardinal motivating forces for our College publication. In the light of this perspective, the sole credit must go to the founder Principal of our College and Chief Adviser Professor Ananda Saikia and he is now our guiding spirit in every sphere of our publication. In order to facilitate the published activities, Cinnamara College publication was established with following aims and objects.

Aims and Objects

  1. To encourage research activities on Social Science.
  2. To publish local obscure history that is written on facts and figure. The emphasis will be the area of investigation.
  3. To publish books on education- the past, present and future education system.
  4. To publish News Magazine (In the form of Newspaper).
  5. To publish old material, manuscripts and translated works.
  6. To encourage improvement of educational qualifications of the Cinnamara Collge teaching and non-teaching staff.
  7. To initiate and encourage original research work of the teaching staff.
  8. To promote and protect, by all lawful means, the interest of Cinnamara College Publication.
  9. The publication will abstain from publishing any work which is detrimental to the very interest of Cinnamara College
  10. The publication will maintain the highest standard of ethic in publishing.
  11. To promote creative literary atmosphere in the greater southern part of Jorhat.
  12. To provide resources and organize services for academic research.
  13. To publish thesis, dissertations of the researchers subject to the recommendation of the research guide and examiner of the concerned subject.
  14. To organize seminar, symposium, literary activities in collaboration with other educational institution.
  15. To promote co-operation with other educational institution of national, regional and international level related to literary and information field.
  16. To publish auto-biography and biographic of prominent educationists, social workers, sportsman, artist and leading personalities.
  17. To encourage new trend of research on literary and social science.
  18. To encourage utilization of information technology for library and information services.
  19. Teaching and research must go hand in hand’-is the motto of our publication.


Executive Body of Cinnamara College Publication

Chief Adviser
  • Prof. Ananda Saikia, founder Principal, Cinnamara College
  • Dr. Girish Baruah, Retired head of the Department of Philosophy, D.K.D. College, Dergaon
  • Dr. Kusumbor Baruah, Department of Assamese Assam University, Diphu Campus
  • Dr. Bhupendra Nath Goswami, Associate Professor Department of Geography, Mariani College
  • Dr. Binoybrot Rajkhowa, Associate Professor, CKB College, Teok
Member Secretary
  • Dr. Anjan Saikia, Principal, Cinnamara College
Associate Secretary
  • Dr. Bornali Borthakur, Department of Assamese
  • Prof. Ranju Kumar Bharali, Department of Economics
  • Prof. Tarun Saikia, Department of Education
Assistant Secretary
  • Prof. Dipen Nath, Department of Assamese
  • Prof. Achyut Dutta, Department of Assamese
  • Prof. Simanta Borah, Department of Philosophy
  • Deepshikha Dutta, Department of Sociology
  • Prof. Apurba Kr. Gogoi, Department of Economics
  • Prof. Agha Saeed Islam, Department of English
  • Prof. Podmeswar Katoni, Department of Political Science
  • Prof. Runu Borah Saikia, Department of Education 
  • Dr. Plabita Bordoloi, Department of Political Science
  • Prof. Sewali Saikia Bordoloi, Department of Assamese
  • Prof. Amaljyoti Chiring, Department of Geography
  • Prof. Rupjyoti Dutta, Department of Sociology
  • Sidhartha Swarup Dutta, Librarian
  • Rajen Hazarika, founder Member, Cinnamara College
  • Laba Kr. Dutta, President, Ex-Student Association, Cinnamara College
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