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Cinnamara College is the only the higher educational institution of the greater southern part of Jorhat District of Assam. Cinnamara is a prominent name in the growth of tea industries of Assam. Mani Ram Dewan, the martyr of the first war of independence in 1857, established his first tea garden here at Cenimora in 1846. The adjacent area of Cinnamara is known as Karanga, the hub of indigenous blacksmith craft of Assam. It is a fact that the elite section of this vast region cherished a dream to establish a college either at Karanga or at Cinnamara since the time of independence. Several efforts were made in this direction but of no avail. However, the dream of the south Jorhatians got translated into reality in 1991 when Cinnamara College was established under the dynamic patronage of Durlav Ch. Mahanta, Mohan Ch. Katoni, Hitendra Nath Goswami, Indrajit Kr. Barua and a dedicated coterie of social workers of the neighbouring areas. In this historic mission Prof. Ananda Saikia was undeniably the stalwart, the founder principal and the doyen of our College. Within a fairly shorter span of time our College has been able to showcase a conspicuous academic, intellectual, cultural and social stimulation. Our college has laid emphasized on social research through its research centre Mohan Chandra Mahanta Research Centre being established on 2nd October, 2010. In addition a unit of Sakha Sahitya Sabha registered under Asam Sahitya Sabha was also established and hopefully under the Sakha’s banner we have so far published more than 150 Books and Journals having ISBN and ISSN tag. The college is also successfully conducting KKHSOU, Dibrugarh University Distance Education Study Programmes offering various conventional professional courses including Nursery Teacher Training and seventeen Add-On-Courses approved by Dibrugarh University. Besides, realizing the historical significance of the southern part of greater Jorhat district, the college has started a Museum in the recent past. In 2016, the college completed its glorious Silver Jubilee celebration.

Although our college has made substantial progress during the past 32 years, much more still awaits to be realized. Our accomplishments will not deter us from our quest for progress as there has been always a better future than the past. Given the mandate of the spread of knowledge by our torch-bearers the ‘saga of progress’ will continue its journey to materialize the vision and mission the founders of the college set for us.

Founder President – Durlav Chandra Mahanta

Durlav Chandra Mahanta was the founder, president of preparatory committee and Governing Body of our College. He was one of the few who translated a dynamic idea to establish a college at Cinnamara in 1991. He is now 91. Still he is very energetic and always wants to introduce a new innovative away at our college.

Founder Principal – Prof. Ananda Saikia

Prof. Ananda Saikia is undeniably the stalwart, the founder Principal and doyen of our College. In fact, he is now our guiding spirit in every sphere of all College activities till now.

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