Cinnamara College

Infrastructure of the College

Altogether 33 spacious permanent pacca rooms have been constructed for Common room, Class room, Boys’ Common room, Girls’ Common room along with spacious stage ahead of the main building. Every room is well equipped with electric fan, light etc.Besides, the permanent building complex was designed by a distinguished architect of Jorhat Development Authority in collaboration with G.B. member (Technical expert) late Hassan Ali Hazarika. The total cost of the whole project is estimated to be more than one crore. A portion of class rooms of the original project have already been constructed with financial back up extended by the Hon’ble M.P. Jorhat HPC and Jorhat Development Authority. Further, a spacious Library building has been donated by Mr. O.P. reading room attached to the same being donated by Dr. Anjan Saikia, Principal of the College. In addition to, Mr. Bajranglal Bhusa and Mr. Makhanlal Gattani, local entrepreneurs, have donated two class rooms. Mr. Harendra Nath Rajbonshi of Mangaldoi donated the entrance gate in memory of his brother late Giridhar Deka who was an ex-student of this College. Mr. Dulu Gogoi, a resident of Karanga, donated the iron gate of the entrance. Dr. Harendra Nath Gogoi, President, Governing Body, donated 2.5 Lakh in order to complete the college stage. Similarly, Prof. Ananda Saikia, founder Principal of the College has donated a room in memory of his father ‘Nitaram Gaonburha’. Another room was constructed in memory of Hemkanta Bordoloi, founder Head Master of Cinnamara High School and one of the Chief Patrons of our College under the initiative of teaching and non-teaching staff, founder Principal, well-wishers and family members of late Bordoloi. Besides, local O.N.G.C. has released four lakh in order to complete a class room. In the same way, Mr. Kamal Chandra Hazarika, one of the founding personalities of our College has donated an arch in memory of his father to College. The College has also obtained MPLAB fund in order to construct rooms is completed. Similarly, College received grants from UGC in order to construct the women hostel. A conference hall is also completed with the financial assistance of Principal, Dr. Anjan Saikia and the teaching staff of the College An addition, govt. of Assam released fund for the construction of Digital Class room and the completion of the open auditorium. Besides, a public library is constructed with the financial back up of Mr. Nirod Chang Kakoty, one of the leading Philanthropies of Jorhat.

The overall scenery of the College is now very attractive with a flower garden in front of the College building, and fishery within College campus. The saplings of areca nut, coconut, evergreen coniferous tree like Debdaru have been planted abundantly on the surroundings of College compound for keeping an evergreen natural atmosphere permanently. Hence the immediate surroundings of the College campus are calm and quiet. It is free from any nuisance and the healthy atmosphere prevails which helps the students to absorb their mind in deep study. Here the pupil can learn under a natural atmosphere. In fact, our academic programme is designed to embrace the diversity, to encourage individuality and to support students attempting high risk education. So our green, a little Santiniketon like campus is international cross roads, where renowned Educationists, Scientists, Social Scientists and Social Workers come to speak and share new ideas with us. And our College located in the historic region of Jorhat District offers unlimited variety for intellectual, cultural and culinary stimulation. It is worth mentioning here that dynamism, unending urge for innovation and an infinite curiosity to explore the new horizons of knowledge are the cardinal motivating forces for our College.

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