Cinnamara College
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Mission and Vision of Our College

  1. To cater to the growing demand for higher education in the Southern part of Jorhat District.
  2. To uplift the educationally and economically backward groups of the greater locality and beyond.
  3. To promote quality education through creative and innovative means.
  4. To utilize human resource for economic, social and cultural development of society.
  5. To generate the basic moral values among the youth.
  6. To extend all possible academic and ancillary support to students pursuing high risk education.
  7. To preserve the comprehensive heritage of the locality and beyond.
  8. To propagate the basic education beyond concept of conventional barriers.
  9. To encourage open and distance learning system among others.
  10. To accelerate the pace of fuller growth of the individual personality of the students.
  11. To lay emphasize on job-oriented courses for generating of employment.
  12. To fight against all kinds of pollution and to create environment awareness among the students and public. 13. ‚ÄúTeaching and Research must go simultaneously‚ÄĚ - is our motto.
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