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Dr. Anjan Saikia
M.A., Ph.D.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to Cinnamara College, a College that was started with the noble mission of alleviating the pain of the sick and needy in the greater southern part of Jorhat district of Assam. We aim for excellence in the field of higher education so that our students can face the advance challenges in the present scenario. We, at Cinnamara College are having good infrastructure and competent teaching and non-teaching staff with years of experience. We follow innovative method of teaching that helps the student to come out in flying colours. We pay individual attention to each and every student, monitor their progress and parents are intimated. We now welcome you to the family of Cinnamara College for memorable stay with us to pursue your education successfully, complete your education, to achieve higher goals in your life and with you good luck.
A short Bio-Data, Research Interest of Dr. Anjan Saikia, Principal, Cinnamara College
Date of Birth:



* M.A. in History (Gauhati University)
* Ph.D. in History (NEHU)


Prof. Manorama Sarmah
Eminent historian and retired Professor,
Department of History, North Eastern Hill University,
Shillong, Meghalaya.


Stadium Road, Ward No-2,
P.O./P.S. Mariani, District-Jorhat




Research Interest of Dr. Anjan Saikia
  • Role of Bihu Songs : Political Mobilization of Peasantry through Ryot Sabha, Central India Journal of Historical and Archaeological Research,a peer reviewed international Journal, Oct-Dec, ISSN 2321-8908 NeemuchM.P.,2012,ISSN 2321-8908.
  • Role of Students of the Brahamaputra Valley of Assam in the freedom struggle : A reflection on Civil Disobedience and Quit India Movement, Journal of Contemporary Research, A yearly referred Research Journal, Dimapur, 2013, ISSN 2320-9542.
  • Writings of Bishnu Prasad Rabha : A historical reflection, The Journal of Social Science and HumanityResearch(Bi-Annual), An interdisciplinary and an international referred Journal(Peer Reviewed), Jan-Jun, Bankura,West Bengal, 2013, ISSN 2321-8909.
  • Peasantry of Assam through Ryot Sabha in the freedom struggle : A study of undivided Sibsagar District Karatirtha, commemorate Volume, The centenary celebration of the Central Jail, Jorhat, Jorhat, March, 2013,ISBN,978-93-5126-052-3.
  • South Jorhatian in the struggle for freedom, Itihas, First Volume of History Department, Cinnamara College October, 2013,Cinnamara, Jorhat,ISBN,978-81-924156-6-6.
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  • The role of Kunteswari Dutta in the wake of Quit India Movement and the emergence of women peasant leadership in the Southern Part of Jorhat district of Assam, International Journal of Kamata Anusandhan : an interdisciplinary refereed(peer reviewed) Journal, Bi-Annual, Vol-2, Number-I,January-June, 2015, ISSN, 2394-5621.
  • Cinnamara Mahabidyalayat Binoy(An edited book), 2nd October, 2012,Cinnamara College Publication, ISBN 978-81-924156-3-5.
  • Ami Napaharu (An edited book), 1st June, 2nd Edition, 2015,Cinnamara College Sakha Sahitya Sabha Publication, ISBN 978-93-84191-10-8.
  • Naimisha (ed), ( A collection of articles on Sri Sri Kathbapu Sattra, Karanga, Jorhat), August, 2014 Cinnamara College Publication, ISBN 978-93-84191-04-7.
  • Peasant Struggles and Nationalism in Colonial Assam Mittal Publications, New Delhi, First Published, 2016, ISBN 81-8324-778-4.
  • Prag Swadhinota Andulon aru Swadhinotor bharator Ryot Sabha(Assamese), Delivered as invited lecture on freedom fighter Sramik Pran Sarbeswar Bodoloi : Jibon aru Sadhana, 2012, Centenary Lecture Celebration, Jorhat,2012.
  • Swadhinota Sangramot Jorhat, delivered as invited lecture on freedom fighter Bhubon Boruah, Organized by Jorhat district Sahitya Sabha, Jorhat, 2015.
  • Impact of Saivism, Saktism and Vaisnavism in Assam in the Indian perspective, delivered key note address at the two days National Seminar on ‘Recent studies of Saivism in Karnataka’, Organised by Govt. First Grade College, Terdal, Karnataka in collaboration with State Archives, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 16th and 17th Jan, 2016. Invited as Resource Person organized by Humanity and Social Sciences of Saldiha College, Saldiha, Bankura, West Bengal, National Seminar on 125 Years Celebration of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar: Impact his ideas and thoughts on Indian Politics, Date: 03-04 September, Saldiha College, Bankura , West Bengal 2016.
  • Recipient of Junior Research Fellowship from Indian Council of historical Research, New Delhi, Session, 2006-2008.
  • Recipient of Dadhi Mahanta Memorial Award for Ph.D. Thesis, Sarvodoya Bidyabhawan, March, Guwahati, 2013.
  • Assigned as district co-ordinator appointed by Srimanta Sankardeva Kalashetra Society, National Mission for Manuscripts in Assam, Guwahati, 2005.
  • Recipient of late Vidya Shrivastava Memorial for best Research paper award, Central India Journal of Historical and Archaeological Research(A peer reviewed international Journal), Panna, Madhya Pradesh, 2016.
  • Editor of North-East Section, The Journal of Social Science and Humanity Research(Bi-Annual), An interdisciplinary and an international referred Journal(Peer Reviewed), Published by department of History,Saldiha College,West Bengal, ISSN 2321-8909.
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Kamata Anusandhan : an interdisciplinary refereed(peer reviewed) Journal, Bi-Annual, Published by department of history, Vivekananda College, Alipurduar, West Bengal, ISSN 2394-5621.
  • Assistant Editor, Universal Musings: An international referred bi-annual research Journal of humanities and multi- disciplinary studies, SBPD Publishing House,Agra-2 Website :, ISSN 2321-4015.
  • Editor,The Mirror, an annual bilingual journal of department of history, Cinnamara College. Jorhat,Assam, ISSN 2348-9596.(N.B. This journal is subscribed by Nehru Memorial Museum Library, New Delhi, and Department of Ancient Indian History, culture and Archeology, Santiniketan, West Bengal, Govt. T. Romana College, Mizoram. In addition, the Journal is selected for UGC recognized Journal in 2017 and impact factor is 3.254).
  • Itihash Darpan, annual Peer Reviewed Journal of the department of history, Jorhat College (One of the Peer Reviewers), ISSN- 2277-498X.
  • JOSAAC: An annual bilingual research Journal of Science, Arts and commerce (one of the Peer Reviewers), Publication Cell, DKD College, Dergaon, ISSN-2348-0602.
  • Asomor Sahityar pothar khonot asomar Sah Janagusthi : ek parjalusona(In Assamese), Kundon, an annual journal of department of Assamese, Cinnamara College, ISSN 2395-1869, Vol-I, Cinnamara, 2015.
  • Rastriya Mahapez khanat kotuwa dinbur(Assamese), Boddhidrum, first vol. of library and information centre, Cinnamara College, April, 2013, Cinnamara, Jorhat,ISBN- 978-81-924156-6-6.
  • Krishna Kanta Handique,Kirti aru Kititya(Assamese), Prajnaanjyoti, Annual book of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University, Cinnamara College study centre, January, 2013,Cinnamara, Jorhat, ISBN- 978-81-924156-5-9.
  • Biswa grantha chatra dibosor gurutra(Assamese), Boddhidrum, 2nd vol. of library and information centre, Cinnamara College, April, 2-14, Cinnamara, Jorhat, ISBN- 978-31-84191-00-9. Sjt. Prabhat Mahanta Sir as I know, Nabo Prabhat : Abhinanda Grantha, January, 2014,Cinnamara, Jorhat, ISBN-978-81-924156-9-7.
  • Rabhar Itihar setona(In Assamese), Dainik Janambhumi, Guwahati,20th June, 2002.
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  • Impact of Aryan Culture in ancient Kamrupa, Itihas, Annual Journal, Department of History, J.B. College, Jorhat, 2002.
  • Bishnu Prasad Rabha : Subaltern historian of Assam, The Assam Tribune, 24th June, Guwahati, 2003.
  • Itihas Sarsa aru nimbaborgor Itihas(In Assamese), Dainik Janambhumi, 10th January, , Guwahati, 2005.
  • Bigyan Sarsa aru Chinta(In Assamese), Dainik Janambhumi, 14th Februgarh, Guwahati, 2005.
  • Onyatom Prothikito gobeshak Rahu Sanskritayan(In Assamese), Dainik Janambhumi, 7th August, Guwahati, 2005. Uttar Pub Bharat Buranji Sanstha(In Assamese), Dainik Janambhumi, 23rd March, Guwahati, 2005.
  • Neherus Itihas Setona(In Assamese), Amar Asom, 30th November, 2005.
  • Progotisil Lekhok Biplop Dasgupta : Jivon aru Adartha(In Assamese), Saptah, 11TH May, Guwahati, 2006.
  • Janagonor Babe Samaj Bigyan(In Assamese), Sadin, 28th April, Guwahati, 2006.
  • Ranajit Guha and subaltern history, The Sentinel, 7th January, Guwahati, 2006.
  • ND Khura : Multifaceted personality, The Assam Tribune, 2nd April, Guwahati, 2006.
  • Chatra Andulon(In Assamese), Dainik Janambhumi, 19th January, Guwahati, 2006.
  • Sampradaik Sampriti(In Assamese), Natul Podatik, March-Jun, Guwahati, 2006.
  • An Artist of the Masses, The Sentinel, 17th January, Guwahati, 2007.
  • Swadhinota Andulonor Potobhumit Asomor Ryot Sabha aru Dhakhin Jorhat(In Assamese), Human Rights and Democracy, Vol-III, Department of Political Science, J.B. College, Jorhat, 2007-08.
  • Rabhar Janma Sataborsor Sardhanjali(In Assamese), Asomiya Khabor, 30th January,Guwhati, 2009.
  • Samajik Prekhapotot Namghar(In Assamese), Asomiya Khabor, 10th February, Guwahati, 2014.
  • Teje Dhua Itihas(ed), A collection of articles regarding the contribution of communist leaders of Mariani town(Jorhat), 30th September, Mariani, 2007.
  • Life Member Indian History Congress, LM No- 2196.
  • Life Member, North East India History Association,LM No-00739.
  • Life Member, South Indian History Congress, LM No- 2016001.
  • Life Member, All India Association for Educational Research, LM No-4061.
  • Life Member, Book Club, ICHAR, New Delhi.
  • Life Member, Pachim Banga Itihas Samsad, LM No-1475.
  • Life Member, Asom Sahitya Sabha, 2016 onwards.
  • Life Member, Punjab Library Association, Patiala.
  • Attended and Presented paper at Shillong Session of North-East India History Association in 2004. Attended and Presented paper at Kokarjhar Session of North-East India History Association in 2005.
  • Attended and Presented paper at Goalpara Session of North-East India History Association in 2006. Attended and Presented paper at Dibrugarh University Session of North-East India History Association in 2008.
  • Attended and Presented paper at Patiala Session of Indian History Congress at Punjabi University in 2011. Attended and Presented paper at Mombay Session of Indian History Congress at Mombay University in 2012.
  • Attended and Presented paper at New Delhi Session of Indian History Congress at 2014.
  • Attended and Presented paper at Kerala Session of Indian History Congress at Kerela University in 2016.
  • President, Cinnamara College Museum, 2015 onwards.
  • President, Cinnamara College Sakha Sahitya Sabha(Registered under Asom Sahitya Sabha), 2016 onwards.
  • Editorial Adviser, The Growth, an annual journal of Economics,Department of Economics, Cinnamara College Publication, ISSN-2348-9618.
  • Editorial Adviser, Kundon , an annual journal ofAssamese ,Department of Assamese, Cinnamara College Publication, ISSN-2395-1869.
  • Editorial Adviser, Swaraj,An annual journal of Political Science,Department of Political Science, Cinnamara College Publicaton, ISSN-2994-8736.
  • Editorial Adviser, An annual journal of Education, Department of Education, Cinnamara College Publication, ISSN-2348-9588.
  • Editorial Adviser, Bodhidrum, An annual journal of Library and information centre, Cinnamara College Publication, ISSN-2348-960X.
  • Editorial Adviser, Swagya, An annual journal of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Cinnamara College Publication, ISSN-2348-9634.
  • Editorial Adviser, Pragyanjyoti, an annual journal of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University, Cinnamara College Study Centre, ISSN-2348-9626.
  • Managing Director(Honourary), Jugabarta, an Quarterly News Magazine(In the form of News Paper), of Cinnamara College Publication.
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