Cinnamara College

Rules and Discipline

  1. Every student seeking admission at the college will have to give a declaration that he/she will abide by the rules and regulations of the college. Besides the same declaration form will be signed by the guardians as well.
  2. White Shirt and Black Trouser (For Boys) and white Mekhela Chadar with Navy Blue  border and Navy Blue Blouse or White Churider-Pyzama  with  Navy-Blue Chuni (For Girls). The Navy-Blue/Black sweater is compulsory in the winter season. In addition to, the uniform prescribed by the college authority is compulsory.
  3. The Student Union is the premier student body in the college. Its membership is compulsory for all students of the college. it cultivates the qualities of leadership, public speaking, organization, self expression and initiative among the students. Its objectives are to foster intellectual and cultural development of its members and to give them training in the methods and functioning of democratic institutions. All office bearers of the student union are elected annually by the members of the student union.
  4. The admission of a candidate will not be completed unless he/she has an identity card issued by principal of the college. The loss of the identity card, whenever it occurs shall immediately be reported in writing to the Principal. The PHOTOGRAPH of the student’s identity card must be in College Uniform.
  5. Attendance of student in the regular courses of study is compulsory. The student must appear  in examinations arranged by the departmental teacher from time to time. The attendance of all students on Foundation Day(1st June) of college, the tithi of Shrimanta  Sankar Dev, Fresher’s day, Saraswati  Puja  and  any other functions, Debating, Seminars, Quiz, Public meeting organised by student union, teaching staff, Governing body and ex-student association is also compulsory.
  6. As per Supreme Court’s verdict-”Ragging is a disorderly conduct, whether by words spoken or written, or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handing with rudeness any student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which cause or are likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear   generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the psyche of a fresher or a junior student.” Ragging is banned at Cinnamara College and any one indulging in ragging during the entire period of his/her study at Cinnamara College is likely to be punished appropriately which may include expulsion from the College, suspension from the College or classes for limited period or fine with a public apology. As per the direction of government of India, every student during admission in this College has to submit an affidavit to this effect.
  7. The mobile switch off is compulsory in the class room, College Campus and the Library.
  8. Declaration made by the Student during the time of admission as follows:
  • I shall attend classes regularly.
  • I shall be punctual in attending classes.
  • I shall follow the instructions of teachers and complete the assignment given by the teacher.
  • I shall come to college with college uniform.
  • I shall respect teachers and employees of this college.
  • I shall maintain cordial relation with my fellow students.
  • I shall never adopt any unfair means in the examination.
  • I shall refrain from using smoking, alcohol, drugs etc in and around of college.
  • I shall also refrain from all types of ragging.
  • I shall return library book within the stipulated time fixed by the library.
  • In addition to my regular study at this college I shall extend full co-operation for its
  • I shall never violate any regulations of the college.
  1. Undertaking by parents/guardians during the time admission of their son/daughter/ward I have undertaken to impose the following regulations completely and fully on my son/daughter/ward.
  • He/she shall be regular in attendance.
  • He/she shall be very punctual in attending classes.
  • He/she shall be a very polite and gentle to the teachers and employees of the college in particular and general to the mass people.
  • He/she shall not try to conceal any material fact regarding study, education etc.
  • He/she shall not miss any classes/unit test/surprise test unless sufficient ground of absence is there.
  • He/she shall complete all the assignment jobs/practical within stipulated time and submit the same to the respective teachers.
  • He/she shall come to the classes with fully equipped in college uniform and study materials etc.
  • He/she shall respect the direction and order of the teachers and try to be always in integration in all sorts of work of the college.
  • He/she shall never to indulge(himself/herself) in any quarrel with fellow students or other students in and around the college.
  • He/she shall not take and consume wine, drugs or smoking etc.
  • He/she shall not engage in any criminal or immoral activities or commit such activities detrimental to him/her to the college and its property.
  • He/she shall pay all the fees, dues etc. of the college in due time.
  • He/she shall be debarred or expelled from the institution for violation of the rules of the college.
  • If he/she discontinues education or is expelled from the college then in such case no fee shall be refunded.

Grievances Cell and Anti-Ragging Committee

Chairperson : Dr. Anjan Saikia,
Principal Secretary : Ranju Kr. Bharali, Academic In-Charge
Members Prof. Tarun Saikia, Prof. Debojit Konwar, Dr. Plabita Bordoloi, Prof. Simanta Borah and Prof. Hemonta Kr. Hazarika

News & Events

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